She crawled into my head

Felt like a day before

She was head rush fall out high, Red as the Sky

Knock knock with a roll of quarters on my door


Did she crawl before or after

I’d never kiss and tell

Red Sky shot a jag of clay pigeons

And ejaculated a round of high grain 12 gauge shells


Red Sky was here before and after

Lighting up the tailgate China Rooster nights

When I pulled down her Levi’s

She aggressively staggered into the rye


Hidden away and  breathing heavy down in the tall rye grass

She begged me to plant all those reputable wild seeds

We bucked, licked, and rolled under thunder clouds

The lichen was itemized as we were covered in cayuse sweat beads


Red Sky wasn’t under high pressure

In our thunder storm aftermath

She poured herself into the Pendleton 1910 for some drinks

Then to the mountain air she took a cab


Left was a lonesome ProRodeo cowboy In Oregon

The romantic mirage reflected in my silver belly Stetson

Red Sky keeps my calf horse stopping straight

Trippin’ to the rye grass in Pendleton; the cowboy awaits a new lesson


My relationship reminds me of this run away I had on my horse Arnie.

I was just so eager to ride but I couldn’t put the bridle on. I got in a really bad wreck and got thrown off. I rode Arnie till he died at the rodeo in John Day. 

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