Shadow Girl’s Umatilla Basin plateau frontier

Was still dusty from an inch of February cotton

Pretty Indian girls always carried cotton

In case a cold snap hurt their ears of corn

Cold corn wasn’t on a stalk it was stored in a grain box

Half a coffee can for the barrel horse Corona Cartel’s winter coat

Now turned to mange from a predicted decade of climate change

Shadow Girl pulled onto the mighty freeway to visit all the damns

Traffic jams she was all Professional Rodeo Woman WPRA

She felt she ate 10-Saltines as she blew her rodeo outfit around Hoover Dam

Corona Cartel maneuvered her to the elite spot for a gigantic sponsorship

Her sponsor was a rainy dancer turquoise bling jeweler for the western regions

He spotted Shadow Girl’s outfit like a dope spade bit on a Diablo Vaquero

Corona Cartel answered all of Shadow Girl’s turquoise barrel prayers

Corona Cartel was of the school if you have no more clean drinking water

All of mankind’s nightmares will begin to slowly flood you




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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on April 5, 2016 at 10:42pm

Trying to write contemporary poetry on real western region themed events especially climate change on the west I believe the ranchers need to learn meditation in case they want to go off about their problems like they do in Australia currently.

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