ProRodeo Cowboyin’s a short life

The rodeo cowboys

Forgot their humble beginnings

Leaning old rustic 1x12 barns

Gleaming Buttes, but unworthy of calves

On placid mountain meadows

Where haymows have gone nostalgic

Now big bales are tight with Hesston Hydraulics

Buckaroos couldn’t be given away

At the Texas in 1880’s Schwetner auctions

Barbed wires drawn tight

Five wires high by rosin jaws

Insight to the cowboy was

Their blood letting wires would rust

For PRCA and ERA to fix up

Rock jacks, corner posts would bust off

Alive in the cheat grass weeds

Horses panic inhumanely in old wire and bleed

A horse in wire will never say, “Uncle.”

Instincts are harder than any road to hell

Your horse will never give up the ghost

Until their cowboy pulls the Pinchers

Both cut threads in their ways

A cowboy knows too much

Bad fibers when they no longer FloRodeo

They pull down the beast blogs online

No blood on the television wires

No barbs cut the flesh of cowboy free will

The freedom of speech act is a 3-horse ProRodeo slant

The experience I write wasn’t written in old flames

I script my ProRodeo opinions and shoot to quill…



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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on November 15, 2016 at 12:12am

I didn’t just pack Freckles Brown’s riggin bag but I would have done it if he’d of asked me too. The three of us that went Pro from the Umatilla Indian Reservation in the 90’s we’d all pile into a 4x4 red 4-door Chevy 454 pick-up and 4-horse stock trailer and go balls out to rodeos listening to this song in high school with no chaperones. I knew I wanted to rodeo for a living then. Who really wants to be rigorously honest about the new situation in the PRCA? Should my opinion count if I’m going to be a super celebrity cowboy poet?


a pen made from a main wing or tail feather of a large bird by pointing and slitting the end of the shaft.

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