Rural Route Personality Disorder (RRP)4/9/2016


Doublewide trailer Court Round-Up Queen

Black baldy Calf Manna on the river rocks

Grain box car Union Pacific whistle

Bull Thistles Donny Osmond purple socks


Dive through five strands of barbed wire fences

Fox tails pale faces pitch forks or saddle swells

Ford Ranchero busted bales irrigation riser’s cow corrals

Drippin’ oil pans an old bronc rider fans at sound of the cow bell


Drag your saddle riggin’ from the tack room

Cinches sweaty, held together like Grammy’s harvest spaghetti

The dusty combine crews withdrew their rusty horse shoes

The green ninety-fives had rubber wheels like a box Chevy


All the good old time Cowboys and Indians were in a quandary

The Chinese didn’t even want to run a good ole time laundry

The black cowboys left the hard work of meadows headed for a big ghetto

A singing cowboy turned Hollywood sideways named Gene Autry


The cowboy way was overtly displayed across the rabbit ear airwaves

At the real ranches making it right was on a wing and a prayer

The government was threshing for lobbyists and cold war communists

We were doing our chores in the pastures and fields and roping on an old gray mare


Those were forty year old days on a road you could call blood Red

The Red Road was set to one side of a Chokecherry tree

If you go back to the Red Road it still holds all your memories

I’m a rural route Red Road American with a rural route personality (RRP)


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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on April 9, 2016 at 7:11pm

What else can you say to the ignorant?

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