Old fashioned leather cowboy boot laces and plush eagle feathers

Nothing as fancy as Winter Count Ledgers or prestige if it keeps us together…


Hells Canyon 7,900 feet deep crackles to the sea and their registrar doesn’t really matter

About a young calf ropers bowline knot; the dreams that reside to catch her


Dave Cannon Jr. and I were in the riffraff, my boyhood eyes wild at the Rockin’ C…

By accumulating all the year ends, he was a mobster Columbia River Circuit “G”


On my old Charmac horse trailer we practiced tying perfecto bowline knots

The old lead rope went in and out, the cowboy planted seeds in an impressionable heart


Then he tipped my saddle up on forks and we checked my saddle tree

Dirty son-of-a-bitch was broken; he was gangsta and handed over an all-around trophy


Dave Cannon sowed the seed and it grew in my Cowboy and Indian heart

Willingly I remembered the bowline and added Indian feathers “Y’all know the start.”


The heart grew rusty in forgotten wire in the canyon that cut every time y’all hiccupped

Barbed wire Ol’ Buzz thought he’d run the wind out of when we dumped the little buck


If y’all seen a western a show play out on the reservation and on the beautiful ranch arena

Now I figured I’d get in her commodities with the bowline knot and rodeo memories


Many couldn’t have held a Dave Cannon trophy saddle down, but I made Momma proud

One day he dieseled to Mommas for his all-around tree we shot a Pendleton round


Dave started from his dually and we roped the bale with his choice of polygrass

The old calf roper threw his loop then told a tale about entering for first and last


The sky shown through with a Half Moon in view Dave filled his shot glass with 1910

Pendleton is half Indian and half Pendleton whisky, but 2016’s ProRodeo cowboys are sober men


Pendleton will become quite famous for the ranching, heritage, and rodeo whisky

Real Natives are going to the top of the reservation Half Moon’s sky


The Half Moon swigged 1910 upon the reservation land then stepped off Pendleton on the right

Y’all in for a pow wow lament, the town is fixin’ to get bent; Red Sky In The Rye is a social light


Red Sky In The Rye is a voluptuous sculpture in flight and she made a Pro cowboy feel gifted

Things never look sane riding through the pain and her Hotel California ain’t Tiffany-twisted


Song: Hotel California. Eagles


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