Diamonds were to theft

If I was my angel’s alibi

The Wild West was conquered with quickness

Outlaw cloud bursts turned into painted poetic Red Skies


Red Sky worked North American ProRodeo’s

Loving and toting her girl and boy

Then I met her a spurrin’ and sunfishin’

Stole her life cuz white eye’s the real McCoy


She’d of never ran off Cow’s Face

Usin’ horse ears as the dash

She never seen ProRodeo windsurfin’ 

Until tyin’ on Pendleton 1910 Rye hard ‘n fast


She left (WPRA’S) Weather Guard for day riding strays (Women’s ProRodeo)

She demanded we to live and love real slow

How we ended up buckin' in the tack room 

Our god and faith will never know


Red Sky swam her horse when the creek got high

All her ranch horses were smooth as wafting smoke

Often I’d observe her, wanting to find a chink in her armor

She was solid as the towns hanging oak


Down and dirty guilty and ashamed of my haunting past

Red Sky washes like a bubble bath

Left hand ridin’ on her stubble bride reins forever

Red Sky’s alibi separated my past from the chaff







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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on July 27, 2016 at 11:41am

Trying to keep developing my character Red Sky and trying to get into the limelight of Pendleton Whisky a natural fit for my heritage, Pendleton tattoo, and self-published ProRodeo poetry.


 Jesus did say, “Throw the first stone.”





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