Today’s beautiful Texicana freckled barbed wire rock jack resurrection

Upside down three bone cross never ready for pro social progress

Our two-story cedar fire pit kindle fire lit poetic stanza reader club house

Both our unloyal royalty checks burning down peer pressure decks

Egg-face slaughter house slabs of her daddy’s fat fried bacon

Rooster-tails are stream trout and crackers available for breakfast

A freckled mess won’t get fully dressed to test drive a Lexus

Only bottoms down and throttle up Canadian Whiskey downer diesel

She’s into hopped up jackpot first spot calf ropin’s and pickup trucks

Driving through the Blue Mountains to two-tone Blue Roan the West

The town’s people frown on her panty hose jammin’ rodeo cowboy poetry

If she was meant to be horse whipped and hog tied to a big spread

She wouldn’t be amongst lovin’, livin’, and kickin’ Ace old sport of rodeo

Unless she has her name on a big bug guard out in the ruts of 4x4 country

The dudes may never scrutinize her for jumping over corral poles

In her Justin boots manure on her heels and soles

The girl was bred and reared to raise your damn food and birthed future farmers (FFA)

She deserves respect she has a title just ask her “FarmHer”

The South Texas Agriculture classes made her dip her ink pen quills deep

All the ammunition from purified resins of a lone pine tree

What a sticky situation… For my little baby brat

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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on April 10, 2016 at 9:27pm

FarmHer is a website and blog for women and girls who live on ranches and farms I seen it on RFD-TV.

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