The mountains were a green shamrock tint

Stirrups were covered in rough leather and laced

He was a rough stock cowboy politically incorrect

His views were sharp as used bareback rowels

The day Casey Tibbs taught him to drag them to the riggin’

One was alone and one was in heaven with Binion’s herds

One rowel with Casey and the other in the mountains

Nobody knew the secret of the pin and the rowel

How this mountain roughy cowboy could mark one out

How he could spur a horse with snappy chaps

The one rowel was an angel Casey Tibbs his long lost pal

He acquired unreal self-esteem from a little loose brass star

He had enough blast to make the NFR

Nobody knew it, but Casey Tibbs and the mountains

The NFR he set his spurs leaned way back and let ‘em sing


From buckin’ horse heaven Casey Tibbs arranged the notes for the 10 NFR go arounds:


The spurs sang Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, he won second place

The next round the spurs sang You are My Sunshine he was 79

Round 10 the spurs sang Chattanooga Choo Choo

His hands were blowin’ outta his binds

Crushed, hobbled, and sore he walked back to the chutes

The judges took forever like they were on Idol they were smilin’ and said 89


He couldn’t wait to get in his clean continental suit

Hoped to get his picture on the cover of Rodeo Sports News

He wanted to send 5-copies to his hot little Italian mama

He wanted to be a legend like Casey Tibbs the bad ol’ brotha

On the cover of Rodeo Sports News


Song:Ride ‘em Cowboy. Paul Davis




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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on May 7, 2016 at 7:58pm

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful rodeo and country Mother’s out there from Casey Tibbs poetry book project. I figured this poem out, because I’m a leader not a follower and I will always lean back and spur not sit on the chutes. Johnny Sloan was a big influence on me when I was 20 and helped me a lot. He had made a song to Roper’s Sports News to the beat of Song: Cover of The Rolling Stone. Dr. Hook.. so I’ll let you decide? Les Kamm could play You Are My Sunshine on his guitar.

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