Wayne I appreciate the hard work you are doing to classify the ropers for the new year. As it will be you can not make everyone happy, but I know what you do will be fair and in the best interest of the number system and the assosiation. As I have said before you have to protect the numbers of the age challenged ropers as they are limited to the places they have to compete. As far as the younger ropers there are numerous assosiations they have to compete in. Also a youngster may rope like a #13 today and in three months rope like a #10. That is why I agree with you on requiring them to attend 5 ropings to qualify for the finals prelim. I do think this should also include the #11 as well as the #12 and #13. I also think it would not be a bad idea to let ropers know that at the prelim roping at the finals that if a roper ropes outside of the perimatures of that class roping he will be moved and not let compete in that roping. You have ropers who go to 20 to 30 ropings during the year on their way to the finals to try to win a little something , only to have someone who went to a couple of ropings who roped a little less than their real ability come in to the finals rope up and take their money. 

Well Wayne that is my two cents worth and again I would like to thank you for your hard work and your consideration of us age challenged ropers.

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