*Location Change* Calf Roping at Cowboy Heritage Church of Freestone County

Calf Roping at Cowboy Heritage Church of Freestone County

The August 30th roping has been moved to Twin Lakes Covered Arena, which is 10 miles east of Fairfield, TX on Highway 84.

August 30th, September 13th, and October 18th

Church at 10:30am- Roping at 2pm

Kids tying matches start at 1:30pm.
**Free to enter!!**

10 & under breakaway: 2 for $50
Open Girls breakaway: 2 for $80
10 & under tiedown: 2 for $50
Open Breakaway: 2 for $80
12 & under double muggin': 1 for $30
18 & under double muggin': 1 for $30
Number 13 & 14: 2 for $100
Number 11 & 12: 2 for $100
Open Tiedown: 2 for $100

*The events will run in the order they are listed*
*First to enter, last to rope*
*Reverse order in the 2nd round*
*Numbered ropings will be run together, unless there are enough entries to run them separate.*
*1 second per run handicap in combined numbered ropings*
*3 second penalty added for not getting your calf up in the 13 & 14 roping.*
*Age as of January 1st, 2015*
*Fees MUST be paid in cash.*
*Can enter everything but the double muggin' and the 10 & under events twice.*

**Buckles will be given to event winners at the October 18th roping.**
*It is not a series, just the winners of each roping on October 18th.*

*FMI: Trent Turner (903) 388-0931*

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