No good man in 1950 stigmatized a Grande Ronde cattle drive

The T-N-T and the P-3 brands calved out on Butter Creek

Early spring made the their head counts sing

Cow calf pairs weren’t half the fight on a Red Sky night

Paid by the year Red Sky raised our children

She lit them with love like a pump up kerosene lantern

Early in the morning I’d brush and saddle Ol’ Thorne for the day

Horse transportation was any broke colt accepting a spade

The smooth and steady plateau wind bit as the eagles soared low

Eagles scored the afterbirth or a calf runnin’ a bit to slow

Red Sky she would pull up to the Juniper Canyon style cow camp

Her beige Stetson, a calf roper’s vamp, and a ½ gallon of Pendleton

We cleaned up enough to step off the right at dusk

Padre untacked Thorne so I taught Red Sky a cattle drive is more than dust

Red Sky and I spent the night in a bed roll well worn

She could hear the spring grass pop her bells at four in the morn.

The fellows from T-N-T asked Red Sky to lead steer by driving the hay wagon unit

Off to Grande Ronde all those Umatilla cowboys were gonna be doin’ the buckarooin’

Beef cow/calf pairs down paved highways through a city named Pilot Rock (Oregon)

All these buckaroos politicked the Pendleton Round-Up; shareholders of the stock

Nothing but a little corral roping stopped them between here and there

The State of Oregon told me, “If T-N-T and P-3 still drove beef cows to Grande Ronde we’d play fair


T-N-T Terjeson- Newtson-Terjeson Juniper Canyon in Helix, Oregon

P-3 Purchase Ranches

     They calved on Butter Creek which is still in Umatilla County line near Morrow County line Heppner. Grande Ronde is clear up on the Blue Mountains and my mother told me stories about going up there when she was a little girl. 

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