Everybody accused me of being legitimate Texas since I smelled like my Texas Rose

The way her fragrant Llano rodeo ranch danced across the Hill Country sand

Time slid like bacon grease and eggs and she was hot as a baked potato

Far away I became a Texas Tin Lizard showing off my Llano Bottle Tree

I cannot bite down on a scent to test its purity or stop it the way a photo does a moment Pagán (54).

Even though I may have the crowd fooled to believe I’m from Texas the liberty is blue

The Texas Rose is my only campfire and there was a time error in my birthing era

The rougher the customers the holier the vengeance laced with a five strand barb wire fence

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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on April 21, 2016 at 7:13pm

I had to borrow a line from a required college book- Setting The Fires by Darlene Pagan a Portland, Oregon Professor. There are many who misidentify me as a Texan because of my cowboy heritage. I have a great Texas influence from my host families down there and Audra has helped me to remember a lot of those things.

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