If a cowboy loved horses and pastures mucho grande

Would there ever have been a West of The Pecos

Cowboys love rodeos and leave the rancheros behind

They love to put up money and unwind at Red Barn in Waco


The cowboys wear Justin Boots to run down the rope

The leather bottoms are like lightning rods full of fling

Boot money comes from loving grandma’s purse strings

As soon as y’all step outta the stirrups the Angels sing


The Angels sang “Let’s stay on the narrow calf trails not hell

The assignment is for the thirsty ones to find the windmill

Down in the section where we watched Jesus’ resurrection

We will have a 5-header with leavened bread for a hundred dollar bill”


How well it is to be in the pull it tight wave it Biz. and own a sleek pair of boots

When we ride to the windmill stream and I wake up from the Easter egg dream

The windmill Holy Water is going to taste like free Bubble-Up

I’ll have my 5-header fees paid and they’ll cut my chains from under my sleeves


The Justin Boots were the money makers I always kept clean

The other companies could keep their leather in H.J. Justin I do trust

My feet ain’t neat, nor smell so sweet, but they need the best of boot

A rodeo cowboy I claim to be and I shall return to a cowboy in dust


I will not justify why I wear a good pair of Justin Boots or rope 5-calves for dough

Will not justify why I pour my tea for a 135# bro that blew his life away

Will not justify why I’m nice to some people and a frickin’ jerk to someone else

Jesus came to judge me, on Easter he arose from the dead I’m not God the tradeoff


Then if a real Vaquero roping calves on the straight and narrow

Lands a dance with a pretty seniorita



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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on March 27, 2016 at 10:39pm

I’m done playing God, and done screwing around and I’m ready to live my life and have fun and work hard. I just started WR242 poetry at Chemeketa Community College today and you get to do these kinds of things when you get your life together. WR242 will be my 9th class I’ve taken online at Chemeketa Community College getting an A or B.



P.S. Justification is a big time thinking error in treatment programs. You can look for thinking errors anywhere though.


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