Purple rain poured on the Blue Mountains

April was rodeo for feedlotter’s motives

The wagon beds were littered with enough twine

A drunken bronco buster could be pulled on back home

Rodeo was like a monthly shower this cowboy wanted one rank

He wanted one on hind end jumping at the sky flyin’

He drew Raspberry Beret and this was no re-ride

His bronc attire was silk rags and button up Levi straight legs

Into Winnemucca to get on a bucker was goin’ hard

Penny’s little purdy ladies gathered aroun’ the storm

They was a bit inlet ocean tonight was buckaroo devotion

His spurs and boots were lovers under cold canvas covers

One tooth grin pull ‘em on some slick ol’ pair of lucky stinky socks

Raspberry Beret snorted she was known to dump one

They buckaroos had names and called her the deathbed lunch tray

The rodeo was on and the precious Queen and Court showed their stuff

Unreal rodeo events flashed of foreign names cowboy was Nevada boy all ante up

Outta chute number 9 Raspberry Beret and a cowboy all about the Great Basin Sage

Up on the hind Raspberry Beret is goin’ to climb

Eight Seconds buzz a billfold full of love

Penny calls her handsome cowboy Fresh Coast

Fresh Coast outlives the bronco ghost

Penny’s prince and primp of the bunny ranch…

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