If a cowboy was a Farmacy designer of finer things in life

Over the edge of a has been ProRodeo escapade today is touch and go

Would he or she hesitate to hit the cattle guard gates at 98 irate or insinuate

There ain’t another reuptake that can inhibit enterin’ Austin takin’ 2 swings and a throw


Ride in the ‘91 Suburban to eat at Austin’s marvelous Catfish Parlour

Right back to The Expo to watch Tanya Tucker sing Delta Dawn

Olden warnings about drug planes touching down in Brownsville are crazy

Fat cattle and the Matamoros cartels south Texas is bipolar Yukon


The rural life all want to live the great life everybody heard in our cribs

Our cribs were in the countryside or at Walla Walla Frontier Days

You were only a little baby in a little world called the Big-4

A little baby brat and you had to crawl at slack and hear their names


The escape isn’t climbing walls, handcuff keys, a drink or drug

A medicine woman once taught me to find a small flame to feel warm

Then I examined my rodeo dreams and how big they related to me

When I rope and tie something in 8.0 I want the crowd to roar


The Shadow Girl told me you are in development of your own source of power

Personal power needs nothing but a reflection and continuous perfection

Shadow Girl often does have a point about being the best and irate is a nonentity

Insinuate is another I really loathe to the quick like Shadow Girl’s rejection


Today’s pay was evident there were many goals in the chamber

The wheat fields but not the gun powder were at the right grains

Don’t ever shoot your foot if prospecting why you lost an old path

Using ProRodeo to try to let go is like trying to stop a freight train



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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on March 26, 2016 at 10:00pm

Was looking at some pictures and I remember riding my 4-year old paint horse to the Big Tail Feather Contest and got into this fight with a rich kid from Pendleton that called the Tribal Police on my team roping partner T.C. on his own in-laws land.

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