A rodeo cowboy’s lonesome security

Could I make 88 points with or without her purity

She tucks her intellect in and out

Then lands on all fours she the go around

Baby the way we steal sunfish under the beer garden

Gotta mean the Coors Light rodeo has just begun

And as I get my mind in the middle

Slap me with your kindness as I rosin the swells

What if your beauty was measured in flank straps

Studies say it’s quite healthy to Let ‘er Buck outside

Mamma y’all want to be my cowgirl

We’re over 100,000 and baby that’s a Helluva ride

I’m entered and my horse is runnin’ down into the chutes

No fool could break my giddy-up with a sledge hammer

Custom chaps, passed down bronc spur rowels, saddle, and rein

Drop down gorgeous is droppin’ a Severe saddle on this beast

Everything is rodeo, tighten the latigo, baby seen ya in the front row

The rein and my beast, nod my head a big leap set the hooks

Never has livin’ felt like givin’ crack-a-lackin’ of another era’s precision

Then my girl arose from the front row immersed in clean living

Baby walked behind the chutes and asked…

The way these rodeo cowboys commune is Coors Light a religion?

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