The old boy was respect he was from the gold buckle tight Wranglers age

He knew the worth of hard ranch work and was waiting for Wakan Tanka’s arrival

These days were loads of clinical suppression and eyefuls of contradiction and lies

He knew what he wanted and stood by for the bison symbolic bone necklace’s revival


Today was a braided straw necklace the only gold he rolled

Even though the cattle, big tractors, and plows displaced all the buffalo

The prairie is a big inferno of suppressed trees and grass tinder

But you know who knows best not me two steppin’ on your toes


The Red Road is a Great Road I’m on it and any good soul can observe actions

And if anybody is able to see with their ears bless their stand of corn

The world of words aren’t actions and your talk is nothing but a babies rhubarb pie

If the gooseberry won’t take responsibility first, don’t pull the wool over eyes unshorn


Desires to lead the brightest actors to take care of Wakan Tanka’s rural prairies

For the Rural Country et all to break free by publicly demonstrating there are differences

Rural respect and entitlements to live a prosperous life not dictated by two-faced votes

Will strengthen our Rural Country as a whole and take back the foolishness dispensed


Can’t understand a Big City that thrives on social deftness and political correctness

When they absolutely have no Rural Skills, but track and trap you in milieu banter

The 21-pages of your personality disorder inventory is vengeful a hip shot

As we crack corn and ask the East Indian Medical Doctor if his camel lopes or canters


We ask camel jockey between his bi-weekly vacations he only rarely works

The rest of the time an On Call Doctor tries to keep his Watusi herd well

Dang you know Granddad wouldn’t have ever trusted a diverse showdown

Granddad tell me somethin’ everybody can understand, “Tell them all to go to heck.”

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