Calf Roping at Cowboy Heritage Church of Freestone County

Calf Roping at Cowboy Heritage Church of Freestone County

September 13th & October 18th

Church at 10:30am- Roping at 2pm

Kids tying matches start at 1:30pm.
**Free to enter!!**

10 & under breakaway: 2 for $50
Open Girls breakaway: 2 for $80
10 & under tiedown: 2 for $50...
Open Breakaway: 2 for $80
12 & under double muggin': 1 for $30
18 & under double muggin': 1 for $30
Number 13 & 14: 2 for $100
Number 11 & 12: 2 for $100
Open Tiedown: 2 for $100

*The events will run in the order they are listed*
*First to enter, last to rope*
*Reverse order in the 2nd round*
*Numbered ropings will be run together, unless there are enough entries to run them separate.*
*1 second per run handicap in combined numbered ropings*
*3 second penalty added for not getting your calf up in the 13 & 14 roping.*
*Age as of January 1st, 2015*
*Fees MUST be paid in cash.*
*Can enter everything but the double muggin' and the 10 & under events twice.*

**Buckles will be given to event winners at the October 18th roping.**
*It is not a series, just the winners of each roping on October 18th.*

*FMI: Trent Turner (903) 388-0931*

**Arena located at 309 U.S. Hwy. 84 W- Teague, TX 75860**

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