Calf Roping

Cowboy Way Church

4664 S.I-35W Alvarado, TX

6 Week series

3/3/13, 3/17/13, 4/7/13, 5/5/13, 5/19/13, 6/2/13

Books open @ 1:30 Rope @ 2:00

Start with the

Breakaway (all girls, boys 14 and under, men 65+)

Then 14 & 13

3:00 12 & 12+

Then 11 & 10

Followed by: Open.

We will be roping 2 classes together. But, all classes will be jackpotted separately. No Handicap!

All roping will be 2/$60 + $5 going towards the final roping

You may enter 2X


1st to enter Last to rope!


We will be using the UCR #’s and reserve the right to reclassify.

Winner of the avg. in each # roping will rope against the fastest time in their roping that day.

Whoever beats the fastest time of their roping by the most throughout all of the # classes at the end of the series will win a Trophy Saddle! (1 saddle for the series) 

You may only win 1 shot at the saddle during the 1st 5  ropings and a 2nd chance at the last roping

Cash only and please call B4 U Haul. (Outdoor arena)


Dusty (817) 675-0898

Shawn (817) 988-8034

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