Her Death Cab For Cutie muzik

Was for the long scores

Ironically the horse I rode was a bad actor in the box

Her romantic quotes I staked as my bridal reins ached

She was the desired prize pup my outlaw heart pined for

All of this time right there in the draw

The other disqualifiers were sour old maids o’ milk

We meshed, our budding love was kempt, she confessed to be my silk

Junior Rodeo days when homemade silk rodeo shirts were parent’s par

Now Y’all aren’t stigmatized with bad ass ice nail horseshoes Pendleton pardner

I pull even reins low to my saddle horn, give ‘em a little rein, again pull back

Conversation about her personal life, went a little too Phar

Horsie’s front end came off the ground, I walk up and reset, turn around

She knows our competition could blow us over, like invisible winds

Her linguistic abilities aren’t common, but the genuine endorphin kind

The pickup man could drop me off with her life, after I break my binds

Boy’s it’s litmus to wonder if your cow is horsy, or your horse is cowie

Ping the barrier is a never ending battle, most important cowboy rope them cattle

Havin’ smoke comin’ off your horn, on a silver platter dally is fame of due respect

Behind every ProRodeo barrier string, a kid tried to live out my dreams

A few of these ProRodeo shows had to learn to let go, mail grass rope on a speed demon

Loved that feelin’ gettin’ outta that Capri and tackin’ up at Sisters at 21 degrees

Cowboy if I could analyze and seize the loneliness a ProRodeo 15” saddle tree brings

Watermelon Jell-prORodeo set inside my melon to remember the rodeo ropes

Remember shovin’ it in that old ‘93 turbo Ford to ford Snake River Idaho

The Armour Feedlot was always full of fresh practice calves

No Texas Rangers ever caught me and I was self-medicating with beer thirty

Now I’m clean as a whistle, spraying thistles, college educated, and writing rodeo poetry


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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on April 23, 2016 at 6:42pm

Breaking your binds is a bareback bronc riding term where the bareback bronc rider actually binds his riding hand into the riggin’ wedging his hand in there to make sure he just has to hang on. Apparently he can stay on a few jumps just letting go until it blows his bind or you can watch them work it out when they come up in a D-Up mode when they sit up on the horse after the ride. Bareback bronc rider’s work on adjusting their riggin’s a lot and rosin’ it the same too. Thus the long riggin’ bag was named.

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