Wayne,  I see that you are trying to make it an even playing field in the breakaway, and I agree with several of the commments I have read.  I do not agree that the cattle are always more even in the breakaway than the tiedown, both are a drqwing, no a chute run contest.  I do not agree and never have to time in hundredths and not tenths.  I knew it was changed a long time ago so the secretaries would not have to split up the money so many ways.  When you read certain rulebooks, they say refer back to the PRCA, but they do not time in hundredths.  In the barrel racing it is started and stopped electronically, but in the roping it starts electronically, but it is stopped manually, and human error, either from flagman or timekeepers has an effect.  Don't make it complicated for everyone that is roping to figure their times, but keep it simple and do what you are suggesting, just take out the hundredths.

Thanks, Darryl Blackwell

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Comment by Wayne Needham on February 21, 2012 at 12:27am

Thanks for the input Darryl..  I agree that it probably isn't the most fair way to time..  I will have to put some thought into that...

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