Babe I know it’s a keen invention

When I criminally abuse the Cayuse Technology

Then I feel all your Chinese snap back tight barbwire tension

Oh pull me up on the oldtimey Reservation philosophy

The luxuries I got left in this outhouse is my LCD screen

The people on the streets I know and love got me blocked

When I call a cell number it goes straight to Buck Hay y’all

Now it is the Internet to where I illegally try to flock

I feel like gettin’ in on some hotty online chat room

But which one is the one for a stud wanderlust like me

I’m a frickin’ gangster of love cowboy on a tight leash

What do I write in my get me some autobiography

I’ll tell the ladies I’m kind and brutally handsome

I’m well to do and from the Blue Mountains

How about wakin’ up early and dancin’ all night 12-thirty

Ummm how about rollin’ hard and mowin’ the yard

Tell them I love myself enough and them to be polite

I love to treat animals great and the peace to the world

I love and accept the differences of people enough for jokes

Then there is always this one phatt girl

And there is one girl I’ve tried to love to no end and she is called oh wind

She is back in the box crazy and her poetry is deeper than a well

She won’t do squat, but saddle the old roan

The only way I’ll brand her is to marry her at granddads corrals… TEV


Granddad has concave wooden cow chutes and I’ve never seen a cow/heifer give me hell there on her way to the squeeze chutes.

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