Casey and I left our homes with rodeo clothes we owned
He rode and I roped of an old caballo the strawberry roan
I was hangin' and jangin’ Casey got in wicked time
A Casey Tibbs spur ride was Ft. Pierre sublime


We always caught the ladies attention when we wore sunglasses to the shows
The pretty young shop lady asked if we were rodeo riders I says, “I suppose”

Casey walked into her store and bought purple mirrored Oakley’s on frames
He says, “I need two pairs one for the Caddy and one for the riggin’ bag.”


Oh those two cowboys embossed in rodeo poems, brutes chiseled in stone
The two have a feel for the ponies and wild oats sowed

One reared in Cayuse and South Dakota was Casey’s zip code
Both so stubborn goin’ bust was how they were shown


Everybody wants an easy ride Casey broke bones
Everybody wants a driver but I drove off a cliff alone
Once in awhile I mistrung the front toe
Casey never pulled on a buck rein or left a bar before it closed


Casey Tibbs saved me from rodeo life’s useless grip
At 44 all I have left is memories of the ProRodeo trip

Casey dazzled in his gangster spurs ahead of his time

Awaiting the rodeo secretary till with his chalk marks of 89

Casey Tibbs, Todd Earl Van Dorn, hell on hills and Al Capone
Break of daylight on the road and wordsmith prone

Rodeo is a satisfying subject and every situation is individually owned
Fanning Casey Tibbs famous flames I can keep up with the Jones


We traveled the circuit and ranted about politics until the morning light
Those punks took kindness for weakness we had to blast them in the eye
I tied on hard and fast and it was my time
Casey they tried to kill you on the duck and dive


We’re for real cowboys and it’s in our beliefs and attitudes we’d assume die

Sigh Casey and they try to read it into a PRO-profile
reaching the end of rodeo life is like Bob Seger’s Turn the Page

Casey I’m no wooden nickel and never going to change


The established can pick a bone, kick me away from my home
Nickel dime; I’d assume dream and write about Casey Tibbs and be left alone
Already been to Texas and close to Nome
Roped 3,500 calves on that strawberry roan

I wore out that strawberry roan and Casey wore out the convertible Purple Cadillacs on gravel roads.

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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on May 15, 2016 at 1:27pm

HOWARD, FRED / VINCENT, NATHANIEL H. / FLETCHER, CURLEY  Todd Earl Van Dorn re-write Strawberry Roan Lyrics

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