Sedona was a diamond back rattler

In the Umatilla County seat

As she wheeled her kid’s horse Blacky B

Runaway down the Mission Highway

On a ProRodeo Las Vegas Mission

Sedona wished to be poppin’ over to the Thomas and Mack

Old popcorn at the movie crib wasn’t her flavor

Blue tip wooden matches was

Forest Service lightnin’ and thunder

Bob Tallman’s Burnt River pastures

Were bareback black scorching and surrendered

When the over educated East Indian dinks think Unity (a small cow town in Oregon)

Is harmony in eastern Oregon

Sedona’s plush leather chink chaps were congruence  

To see her through another -20 below winter day

As she nodded to her ex-outlaw good dude cowboy

Helping her feed out big alfalfa bales

Of old timed event cowboy tethered Tony Vey hay

She was in need of a new lifestyle and on the knees

At the wood offering plate called reclaimed wood

Across from Til Taylor’s old kiddy pool county jail

Rockin’ a long bit (15-cent) bandana

At 611 SE Byers she went inside and sat down

On Sunday morning Sedona sat with Kathryn at ease

The 107-year old Cayuse wheat ranch lady

Kathryn Kirkpatrick Purchase’s town house

To listen to the Presbyterian message 10-11 on KUMA A.M. radio

Kathryn Purchase was Pendleton Round-Up who spoke no ill

Kathryn was blind as a bat out of hell, but could hear well

Her compassion always gentle

Sedona speculates to her God why her list of prayers were answered

Enough to know why she left her refined Sugar Baby designs behind

An old Scottish Presbyterian offering plate is never full of money

The plate is only asking for her to knock on wood

With a small hometown Kathryn Purchase sugar cookie recipe

The church is a vessel full of possibilities and promises

We The People Peer Inside The Steeple

Never look at your promises into their eyes

Through all the ignorant personalities in the era

Ignorant imagination is walking a wild Highland Tiger

Personalities weren’t the church and protestant religion

The wooden offering plate is my Pendleton

Sedona we have strong plans and heavens  

Pendleton All-Around Champions are saying

“Outside the wooden offering bowls

ProRodeo couples love and hold on to one another around the neck

Like rockin’ a long bit (15 cent) bandana”



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Comment by Todd Earl Van Dorn on October 15, 2016 at 8:15pm

  I always was upset with my church and now I understand I have to go there and offer myself up to the church and I wasn’t doing that I was letting the personalities get to me in the worst ways. Granddad always used to attend church on Sunday, but he’d sit in the Cadillac and listen on the radio while Grammy was very serious about it and went inside. He would drink his Bloody Mary and then they’d go for wine after church at Circle S Barbecue. Wine wasn’t really drinking before noon.  Granddad used to say a Coke would cost 2 bits or such long bit equals 15 cents. Great-grandma Purchase told a lot of old stories she told me about the day Til Taylor was shot by the men that did the jail break and Til Taylor went after them alone. Til Taylor has a big statue in his park and there is a kiddy wading pool there. Tony Vey is a big rancher on Butter Creek near Heppner and I rode some cow calf pairs thru there for Currin Bros. to brand and take to Wallowa Mountains. I was an active member of my church as a youth. I began to resent a lot of people who loved Jesus and the Bible so I fell out of it.

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