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These are the prior year Finals details and will pick back up after the 2019 Finals in February at GlenRose (see info and flyer above for 2019 GlenRose Finals info)

Trailers at the Finals (2018 in Midland):

This year we will be giving 3 trailers in addition to the top 25 trailer, for a total of 4 trailers!

 1 trailer will be given in the winner of the Top 25 Tournament.  The additional 3 Trailers will be given in the Average of the Finals Roping of the #12, #11 and #10 to the highest placing Roper that has been to 12 Ropings throughout the year.


The Top 25:

The Top 25 will be an elimination style tournament, giving an advantage to the ropers that finish higher in the year end standings.  To start the tournament, the ropers that finish 16-25 will have a 1 head elimination match in which we will drop the 5 slowest ropers, the top 5 finishers from that match and ropers 11-15 from the standings will have a 1 head elimination match dropping the 5 slowest ropers. Again, pick up 6-10 and have a 1 head match dropping 5 and finally picking up 1-5, and eliminating 5.  At this point, there will have been 4 matches.  We will take a break, and then match those 5 dropping 2, then drop 1, and then drop 1 for the champ.  The Champions of each eligible division will rope for a Trailer in a Championship Style Elimination Match in which we will take the fastest time of the entire tournament in that division and let the champ rope the calf of his choice against that time.  The best margin of the 3 divisions will win the trailer (#12 thru #10 will be eligible for trailer).  The remaining champions will receive a saddle.  

  Good luck and its time to start jockeying for position.  Here is how the Top 25 will payout.


25 Ropers x $100 =    $2,500             $150 in Rounds x 4 Rnds

$23/run x 50 runs =      $1,150             $450 1st in Tournament

$5/Entry from Prelim = $250             $330 2nd in Tournament

                         $1600                 $220 3rd in Tournament 





Saddles & Trailers at the Finals:

#15 - Saddle to Ultimate Finals Winner

#13 - Saddle to Ultimate Finals Winner

#12 - Trailer to Ultimate Finals Winner

#12 - Saddle to Top 25 Championship Elimination Winner

#11 - Trailer to Ultimate Finals Winner

#11 - Saddle to Top 25 Championship Elimination Winner

#10 - Trailer to Ultimate Finals Winner

#10 - Saddle to Top 25 Championship Elimination Winner

#9 - Buckle to Ultimate Finals Winner

#8 - Buckle to Ultimate Finals Winner

#BreakAway - Saddle to Ultimate Finals Winner

4-D Open Breakaway - Buckle to Ultimate Finals Winner of each D

*** Only ropers having attended 12 or more ropings will be eligible for Saddles and Trailers ***                               


Buckles at the Finals:

All Ropings  - Buckle to World Champion

Buckle to Preliminary Roping Winner

Buckle to Reserve Place in Finals Roping (not including 4-D)

Jackets at the Finals:

Jackets to the Top 10 Year-End Ropers in #15, #13, #12, #11, #10.

Jackets to the Top 5 Year-End Ropers in Handicap BA and 4-D Open BA.

(Only 1 jacket per roper)



The Ultimate Finals:


The Ultimate Finals Ropings are very similar to the Showdown Ropings, and the qualifications are listed below.  The Added Money from the Memberships is added to this roping and based upon the # of members in each division. (If there are 200 members (full membership required) in the #10, then there will be $10,000 added to this roping and a Saddle will be given to the Average Winner of this roping.)

***The Added Money at the Finals will be placed in a SidePot that everyone attending at least 10 Ropings throughout the year will be eligible for (Each Roping Entered will count as 1).  The $5 added to each Roping is designated for non-sponsored portion of the prizeline, the remaining amount of the $5 per entry pot will be added to the added money from the memberships of the ropers in that division.  Ropers that have only gone to a couple have not paid in and therefore will not be eligible for that SidePot.  They will, however, be eligible for the main pot and the prizes that go along with the Finals Roping.  The Saddle given away in the Finals Roping will also be held for the Eligible Ropers.***

Ways to get a Finals Position

Win a roping – no limit to the number of ropers entered
Win Second at a roping with 25 or more entered.
Win Third at a roping with 50 or more entered. (3 is the max number in a roping)

Finish the Season in the top 25 to win your first position. (Will drop down)

Attend 7 ropings - Each day counts separately (Sat and Sun would be 2 days).   Also, at ropings when there are 3 headers and 2 headers in one Saturday each roping will count separately (enter the 3 header and 2 header and it would count as 2 days).

Win a position, possibly a second position, by being in the top 15 of the preliminary roping. (Places 1 thru 15 will have a position but will be required to pay entry fee).

A roper must only attend 1 roping to rope at the finals, but ropers can be moved at the finals, (even if they have a finals position) unless they have attended at least 3 different events (weekends).


Stock Charge


The Stock Charge at all ropings (including the finals) will be $23/run.  So on all 3 head ropings, the stock charge will be $69.  If the fee's are $195 in that roping, the payback % would be 71%.  If the fee's were $200. the payback would be about 75%.  We are open to any suggestions on how to structure the payout, but our philosophy is the simpler the better.  We'd love to do it for less, but due to the cost of cattle, building, travel, labor, insurance, and the many other expenses associated with these ropings, that is the best we can do.  We will pay 1 money for every 10 ropers in the Rounds and in the Average (except the #15, #13, #12, #11 and BA which will pay 1 for every 7 ropers).  Again, comment below if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear em.   



Abuse of Livestock


Abuse of Livestock will not be tolerated.  In order for our sport to thrive, we must manage the abuse of livestock.  First offense will be punishable by a $50 fine and an automatic no time.  Second offense, a $100 fine and dismissal from the roping.  Third offense, $500 fine and dismissal from the organization. (I know, good luck collecting that one..)  The fines and decisions will be regulated by the directors, and the fines collected will be given to the owner of the stock.  Unless of course it is the abusers horse, and in that case, added money to that roping.


Explanation of Membership

***Membership Dues are $100, half of which will be added money at the finals.

***Membership can be paid out $25 per weekend, and must be paid by the finals to attend.


***At this time, no publication subscription will be sent out, but ads will be in several magazines.


***Feel free to make any suggestions on which magazines which would be most informative.

Send me a comment or email if you would like to get a number!!



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