When is the right time to move a Ropers Number?

I am curious on the general consensus of when is the right time to move a roper that has been in the #13 roping for 2 yrs, spent &4,000-$5,000, and won about $400 and just tied one in 9.8 in the #13 roping. I am really not trying to be wise, I truly need an answer because Ropers in that roping have traveled 6-8 hours to rope that haven't been 9.8 in 10 yrs.

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Average their times posted at the last 3-5 ropings to see if a number change is needed. One good run shouldn't cause a number change.
Wayne i believe in the case of a member who has been roping for several roping u should not move them til the next rooing if thwy become better than tbe competeion. As far as new people if they show up and join under a wrong number they should be moved immediatley. I believe we all, well most of us, just want a fair shot at the roping.

I agree with don

I would say it would depend on previous performance and cattle at that event.  Everyone wants it to be fair but not everyone see's fair as the same thing!  A lot of factors in deciding on moving someone....  I would say that if performance continues to improve in any case there needs to be immediate action taken.  Don't continue to let any one person continue to dominate a division when they could be moved.

Wayne you have more information than anyone else to make the best decision. I trust you to do the best you can. The other replies are all good. Someone on the calf ropers forum suggested maybe having some help from some parents of the kids that know some of the new ones that you have no way to know where to put them. I have said the kids have lots of places to rope but someone said and I understand they don't if they are just starting. There are really tough ropers in 13-15 and some that can compete with the pros in 16-19. Thanks for providing a place for all of us to have a chance to have fun doing what we love to do.

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