Hey folks.  I was told that you could make a tying dummy out of a rubber tire.  Anybody ever made one?  If so what size tire and what did you use for the legs?  I would love to get a tuff kalf but cant afford one.  Its been years since I roped calves and am trying to get back started.  Any help will be good thanks!

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I made one for my son when he was in jr. high out of a 16 in truck tire. You can saw thru the beads with a hack saw. I used dow rods for legs and bolted them to the tire with U bolts. You could also use 1.5 in square deck rods they use on the railing around a deck. I wrapped the front leg with vet wrap so the piggin' string didn't slip off. hope that helps.   RDF

Hey thanks that helps! Appreciate the feedback. 

Did you offset the back legs so they would gather or did you line them straight up?  Just curious.  My little brother is just starting too and he needs something to practice tying on so I was going to make him one also.  Good thing about a tire is I can make two with one tire. lol. 
Brant Allen said:

Hey thanks that helps! Appreciate the feedback. 

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