We have had a couple good ideas from members about spreading the money out in the #13 Roping, and I would like to put them out there for discussion.


1.  Not allow the Top 10 in the standings to be able to enter the sidepot.

2. Allow everyone to enter the sidepot, but drop down below the regular pot to pay the sidepot.  So if the Roping paid 3 monies and the sidepot paid 2 monies, we would pay the sidepot to 4th and 5th.

3.  Do nothing.  Keep it the same cuz it aint broke.  (I'm learning my lesson)


I would like to keep this just for the #13, unless it looks like it will work in other ropings.

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      My vote would be for #3.  I think what you are doing with the # 14 will do more to help our numbers and spread

the money more than anything else.

Wayne, I think the #14 change is good, just give it some time. This should help the sidepot dilemma. If someone is worried about whether or not they win money, then they should practice more and work harder at getting better. I will support you on whatever decision you make.

Last year you could enter the #14 in side pot only against other #14's.  Never happened

Leave it the same

Ron Snow

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