Am I the only one that has a problem with the one day format? I may be going to a basketball game and not be able to go anyway but I wonder if it will hurt the turnout?

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I was afraid that the turnout would be to large to handle the 2 day format, but now that winter is finally here, I'm not against changing it back to a 2 day format if you think it isn't too late.  I really think the weather will be a huge factor either way, but I'm not afraid of a couple late nights..  What are your thoughts?

I only talked with Gayle about it and he said he didn't want to go because it is only one day. Hopefully some others will let you know what they think. It is a really long drive for anyone up this way to make and the fuel cost is such a large expense I would rather rope two days when I make the drive. I don't think it would hurt to change it since this is your main source of information. Thanks for you consideration.
We were thinking of changing it now as to give everyone time to prepare.  I may try and announce it this evening.  Everyone I talked to was for it..
If the plan is to use one arena, I think the one day format would be best.   If it were a two day format and we came for Saturday,  we probably wouldn't stay for Sunday because of the late night getting home Sunday evening and having to go to work early Monday morning.  Just my opinion.  
The arena at Sweetwater is too small to have 2 arenas..  they have one out back, but it's just covered.  So we can only run 1 arena, I appreciate your 2 cents..  thanks
We could let the 10's rope in the morning when it is cold and let us rope later. lol Like I said I may not get to come anyway.  I understand there are pros and cons however you do it. The reason I didn't go to  ropings in Comanche is because of the one day format. Thanks
I'm for the two day format. It's a 6 1/2 hour drive, so it would be nice to rope both days. But whatever you decide will be ok with me. I'm planning on coming either way.
Will Parker said he would prefer 2 days.
Ask and you shall receive, Sweetwater will be a 2 day venue.  Thanks for your help. - Sorry Todd, gotta go with the majority...
it does conflict with us roping at bulverde
It was already a conflict in the EE but I know any schedule is better for some and a problem for others. Hope you and Roany got along good after I left.

Justin Claiborne said:
it does conflict with us roping at bulverde

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