What makes a person want to rope calves when they pass 50 year old ?

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Probably just something we never outgrow. I just do it for fun. I couldn't rope good enough to afford to go in my younger days. Still can't but my wife has a good retirement so she lets me do it.

The love of the game! You don't have to tie one as fast as Cody, Tuf, or Hunter to get that buzz. Besides with age comes a little wisdom. I ride lots better horses now than I ever did when I was young.

The part I don't understand is, I love to rope calves, but I hurt like sin from doing it. A person could team rope and win a lot more money plus not have all the aches and pains. I have roped a lot of steer's but refuse to anymore. For some strange reason I enjoy roping calves.

I also hurt. I have one knee that needs replaced and I can't rope to many because my shoulder screams for relief. But I just keep plugging along. Team roping has never interested me although I did team rope in 79-80 when I lived in NM. It just never caught on with me. I love to watch good calf horses work!

 I roped when I was young but not good enough to feed my family so I quit. At 50 with the kids out of college I had some extra money so I went back to roping calves because nothing I ever did ever gave me as much a "rush" than roping calves. At 68 I still rope and I still couldn't feed my family but now I don't have to instead it seems as if I feed other roper's families. But, as longas I can afford to rope and can physically be able to rope and find joy in roping ,I plan to rope God willing!

Growing up in Okmulgee rodeo was the biggest thing to come to town. I was fortunate to see and emulate some of the greatest ropers of my time. I always had horses, but I learned to rope as a young teenager because my neighbors did. Since I didn't have the resources I tried other events just to rodeo, not that I was any good at them. I always liked competing and depending on myself. Truth is you gotta love it,it don't pay enough, and nobody cares to watch a bunch of old men rope, but cowboys like to see good horses. Because of health and injuries, you never know which roping might be you or your old friends last round. Let's face the truth some men never grow up. But let me give you some perspctive, AT this age I'd rather chase young calfs than young women. With both you gotta catch them first, and then flank and tie them up as soon as you can. ,if a calf kicks loose, you lose the round and your fees, if a woman kicks loose you could lose your horse, your trailor, your calves, your pen, ropes, boots, hat...... Keep roping!!!!

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