Hey Wayne, roped in the #2 ropin during the 2010 USCRA. Been roping in the 1 this year. Wanted to get a #, I'm coming this weekend to the roping.

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If you are roping in the #1 in the US this year, you can probably rope in our #10. I may have to do a little checking though. I will let you know if I hear differently, if not, just plan on roping in the #10 if that's ok.. Thanks LaMarcus...
I havent been to any US ropings yet, but the other associations i been to this year I've been in the 1 roping. Thanks for responding to my discussion.
I tried to call Lanham to see where he would have you.  I did hear that you rope pretty tough.  We are moving the roping to Hamilton and a week later because of the weather.  I hope you can make it.  I will do a little more digging to see where you fit best.  they say your pretty salty..
I did talk to Lanham about your number and he thought that you would still be in the #2 roping, which is the #9 in our association.  Are there some guys in there that you are worried about?  May can talk to me at the roping or have someone talk to me that knows your roping pretty well..

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