can we hear from some 12-13 ropers on the one and half seconds on calfs that cant get up; how do you ropers think a one sec. penalty mite work. Sure would b easier for timers to figure . USCRA has gone in favor fo one sec. Also if a roper in 12 or 13 holds his or her slack , when roper foot touches ground and rope is in the hand what about a one sec penalty for that roper?Or one and a half penalty if it stays at one and half. I have seen way to many young ropers win by keeping calves standing in the 12-13 roping We have a good assc. but , maybe could b better . 

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Well, what your saying is that you want to penalize young ropers and ropers trying to move up by adding time to there runs for doing things that better themselves and perep them to move up?  I havent roped in 10 years.  and then it was just in the practice pen, but i was taqught to hold your slack if you can manage it without getting yanked out of the saddle.  How do you get better?  Not by being penalized, but rather by excelling.  If your going to penalize those of us that want to move up, then I think we need another classification to be added.  maybe a 13 not wanting to improve or maybe a 14 for those that dont hold the slack. 

Aws far as the penalty on calves you dont get up, I am not sure if thats good or not.  On one hand the older guys wouldnt have to strugglwe with a stubborn calf.  On the other hand if i can rope the calf in 8 seconds and tie in a couple then i could just start roping and jerk the calf down and I would know i could take the penalty and still place or win in each round.  I think instead of a penalty we should figure an age at which that rule could be used.  maybe for like 40 and under or 50 and over or something like that. 


But the first is the most important to me is that we shouldnt penalize someone for becoming a better roper.  and by penalizing a roper for ho;ding his slack is the same thing.

Thanks for your input
We use pretty weak calves in the #13 roping. Sometime it's impossible to keep them on their feet no matter what. And often they simply are not going to get up. If a roper can handle his slack to keep a calf up to me is acceptable hold it,roll it or whatever. There are many other factor that makes a person a #12 or a #13. Personally, I prefer a one second penalty . If the calf is up when you get there OK, But a down calf is rarely on the correct side and has to be rolled thus costing time. So one second seems fair to me. I must add that most of my calves are standing and waiting for me as I'm so slow getting off my horse and down the rope. Ha!
Thanks for your input

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