Wayne, when will we be assigned our numbers? Will they have a board meeting to do that? How many board members do you have? Whose back side do I need to kiss to have a high number? Sorry, just joking around. I think everyone is anticipating a very successful association. We probably will not go to as many that are in texas, but we will go to as many as we can. Traveling that far really costs unless there is a truck load of us.

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Sorry Randy, I posted your number under the ropers-ropers number tab about a week ago. You are in the number 11 roping, I hope you like.. The directors are Billy Morrow, Cleo Hearn, Dave Brock, Doug Mitchell, Jackie Hobbs, and Mark Holder.. Pucker up!! We are still working on getting more in Ok, we just want to see if we get the support..

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