Any ideas about having a Goat Tying at the UCR Ropings?

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It might help bring in some additional break away ropers. Goats are cheap, wouldn't cost alot to find out.

Might have some good entertainment value if you can get a match tying with Joe Rue Beaver against all comers. Fastest hands I've ever seen.  Hoyt Foster

Lol,  that's pretty funny.  We'll see if we can get Joe Rue to respond..

Joe Rue is a old nanny whammer from way back,

Definitly have one... might lower the entry fee to $60.... poor college kids
I don't mind lowering the fees..  I'll talk it around see what the general consensus is..  Ask a few yourself and let me know...

Will you have the goat tying at the others to?
We are gonna have it at the ones in February. If they go over well, we will have more.. Really, we can add them as a permanent fixture if they are wanted..

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