I was looking at the results of the Denton roping.  Seems to have had a good turn out.  And looks like the fields were pretty even.  I noticed that it was posted that some people got bumped.  I seen where there were some 11's that roped in the 8's and 9's pretty consistant.  If this happens, does the ropers stay in that division through the roping or will their fees be given back and let them re-enter in the suitable division? 

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Hey Jim, Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the question. The answer to your question is both. Lots of times when the roper doesn't fit, we just move his fees up to the next roping and he doesn't get to complete that roping. Each is done on a case by case scenario. If a roper comes in and we classify him by what he tells us, we let him enter the roping and let him know that there is a chance that he can be moved in the middle of the roping. If it is a roper that has been with us awhile and that everyone knows and has seen compete. We usually wait till the end of the roping, unless it is a domination. It's a hard to determin if the roper is just drawing good and having his day, or if he doesn't fit anymore. If it is a roper we don't know. He gets moved in the middle of the roping. If it's a roper that we have seen progress, we let him have his day, because everyone that is a regular knows his ability and that he is just having an exceptional day. Hope this helps. Thanks again Jim...
I really appreciate your response. I was hoping you would answer it like that. Because I know if I was having my day and it could be a confident booster to help me improve, the last thing I would want is to have my legs kicked out from under me and fall flat on my face and have to rope up when I am not consistent enough. I really like this association and I haven't even roped in it yet. I think if other associations would have this mentality, they would be more successful. Thanks again. I appreciate your honesty.

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