One suggestion that has been made is a time penalty.  It is well known that we are happy for but frown on 11 second Runs in the #14.  Even though setup and calves play a big part in 11 second Runs, many Ropers in that division can't compete no matter the setup or calves.  The suggestion is that if a Roper in the #14 stops the clock in anything less than 11.99, a 1 second time penalty will be added to his time and he will become a 12.99 (in the case of 11.99).  If a Roper stops the clock in less than 10.99 in the #14, a 2 second penalty will be assessed and that time will become a 12.99 as well (in the same case).  In this case, a 11.01 will become a 12.01, and that would be a hard time to beat.  All other Handicaps and Penalties would still be assessed and they would be assessed first.  The Time Penalty would only come into play if the Final Time was less than 12 seconds.  In the #13 Roping, the cutoff time would be 11 seconds, (all 10 and 9 second Runs would be Penalized).  The number #14 cutoff could be set at 12 or 12.5 depending on response.

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I agree with a 1 sec. penalty on a roper that ties faster than 11.99 in the # 14 and a 2sec. for 10.99. I wouldn't punish a kid if it is his first time to break the twelve second mark but, if he keeps consistently breaking it then yes he should be penalized.

Just wondering if this new rule change was put in to affect during Cleburne and how well it worked.

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